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First off Welcome to Gear Dogs. Please review the rules page and make sure you follow them. Gear Dogs is exactly how is sounds. We are in the buisness of gathering gear and helping each other get up the gear-score so we can get moving forward. There is a few way you can contribute.

  1. Running randoms within the guild. If we are running randoms together we can have a higher percentage of gear wins on roles.
  2. Running specific dungeons within guild. When we run specific dungeons we can go for specific gear. We can also focus on perfect groups (Cloth heal, armor tank, leather dps..etc)
  3. Guild Bank. Most importantly the guild bank will allow players to share gear and items to assist in the process. Its easier to enchant items and earn money when you have a steady flow of materials to work with. Picking up scroll and gems will also assist in guild relations.
With these simple steps we can move a lot faster moving together then apart so help each other out. Try to work through the guild before you find pugs, so on and so forth.
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Uggswhiteguy, Jun 29, 10 9:04 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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